About Us

  • Clear Creek Elementary School's instructional program is designed to implement and extend the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Instruction is provided by a dedicated professional staff of teachers and instructional associates that focuses on the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science and language arts. Also, specialized instruction is provided in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Media, Art, Computer and ESL. We also have Exceptional Children's Teachers, Talent Development Teacher, Speech Pathologist, Academic Facilitators and Student Service Specialists. Our primary goal is to assure each child's success by implementing a challenging program in all our classrooms.

    The Clear Creek TD/Catalyst Program serves students in second through fifth grades. The TD/Catalyst writes units for specific novels for grades 2nd-5th based on the NC Standards. Each unit includes a Project Choice Board for completing activities and researching topics that supplement the novel. In addition to novel units, the William and Mary Curriculum is used to enhance reading comprehension through an inquiry process that encourages critical analyses of selected texts. To build vocabulary, students learn the meanings of Greek and Latin Roots. Math focuses on using higher order thinking skills to solve problems using Problem Solvers, Math Olympiads, and Math Superstars.  Many of the TD M3 units are used to ensure students have a thorough understanding of math concepts.   Fourth and Fifth graders complete Hands-on-Equations to learn the fundamental basics of Algebra.  Third graders use the Hands-on-Fractions to ensure their understanding of fractions.

    Clubs:  Each club meets in the TD/Catalyst room every Wednesday.

    Mathapalooza is a Third grade club that focuses on problem solving and teamwork.  These students will compete in the CMS Mathapalooza competition in February.

    Dragon Book Battle:  Fourth and Fifth graders take the challenge to read 15 books from a specific book list for each grade level.  In May each both grades will hold a competition in which teams will compete to answer the most "in which book" questions.

    Chess Club: Fourth and Fifth graders discuss the strategies for making the best moves in a game of chess. 

    Clear Creek Clubs
    Student Council- Is an organization dedicated to improving school climate, increasing school spirit, and bridging the gap between Clear Creek and the community. Our leaders have leadership quality, ability to work with others, represent their peers, responsibility and to positively influence others. They are our leaders of tomorrow. They serve with pride, lead with confidence, and inspire to impact lives.

    Safety Patrol- Students are recommended for this job by the 5th grade teachers. The job is a half year position with a possibility for an extension based on job performance and interest. Students work in the cafeteria and in the hall to ensure students are following procedures and moving safely as they enter the building in the morning.

    PAC( Physical Activity Club)- It is open to students in grades 3-5. A committee is formed to decide who gets to be an active member. The criteria for eligibility states that students are eligible to participate if they choose to consistently demonstrate safe, responsible and respectful behavior throughout the school environment.

    Stay & Play- Is offered to a grade level at a time. 30 students in that grade are eligible to participate if they are exhibiting safe, responsible, respectful behavior throughout the school environment. Students choose to pay $5 to stay and play after school in the gym for one day. All proceeds from this fundraiser go towards purchasing equipment for the PE department.


    School History
    The history of Clear Creek School spans a period of 100 years. The schools in this community were first called subscription schools, as each child has to pay tuition. The school term consisted of three months of attendance in the winter and six weeks in the summer. This was done so that the "expense for clothing would not be too high and not to conflict with the harvest." These schools were usually named for the person on whose land they were built. Subscriptions were charged to those who attended and were used to pay the teacher's monthly salary of $25.00.

    The following were subscription schools:
    Beaver School
    Dulin School
    Jennie William Flowe School
    Old Arlington Church School
    Allen Presbyterian School
    Industrial Spaulding School
    J.T. Flowe School.
    The five public schools before the present Clear Creek School were:
    Lemmond School
    Houston School
    Joyner School (better known as Taylor's Turn-Out School)
    Blair School
    Flowe School.
    In 1901, Arlington Baptist High School was opened and operated by the present Arlington Baptist Church. In 1924, the school known as Clear Creek was established on the present site. The bell was moved to the new cafeteria, which is presently our art and music building, when the latter was built. It was later moved to our main office area where it remains today.