• Latta campus

    Dilworth Elementary brings a neighborhood school back to the Dilworth community. The original Dilworth School was an eight-room school built on land that was donated by Edward Dilworth Latta in 1904. After many years, several additions, and numerous renovations, Dilworth Elementary School is back to provide a quality educational program to all children.

    Located in the heart of Dilworth and in close proximity to downtown Charlotte, Dilworth Elementary School provides an ideal setting for students to benefit from community resources, businesses and the arts. Through a partnership with Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, Dilworth School students utilize a full size gymnasium, two large soccer fields and eight tennis courts. Dilworth School has thirty-one classrooms, a spacious media center, updated computer lab and an indoor pond.

    As the Dilworth Dragons, students will become members of a "dragon house" and work together to become communities of learners who support each other and celebrate individual and group achievements. Students will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum which encourages strong reading skills, problem solving and critical thinking. A variety of after school clubs will be available so students can pursue other interests such as chess, science exploration, another language or physical activities such as running and tennis.
    The school staff is excited to be a part of the Dilworth community. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to establish an excellent school for your children.