School and District Policies

Districtwide Policies

Piedmont Policies

  • Piedmont Visitor/Volunteer Policy 

    • All visitors/volunteers must report to the main office and sign-into LobbyGuard system/show ID

    • Main office staff will check clearance status and badge will be printed to be worn while on school campus

      • If you are a cleared visitor/volunteer and want to visit a classroom, please schedule an appointment with the teacher(s) in advance

      • If you are a cleared visitor/volunteer and want to visit the lunchroom or field for Healthy Kids

        • Staff member on duty will be notified to receive you 

        • You may only bring food/drink items for your own student and will be asked to sit with your child at a separate table

      • If you are not a cleared visitor/volunteer

        • Administration/counselor will meet with you

        • Please be sure to register via the CMS website (


    CMS Volunteer Information

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools screens all volunteers to ensure the safety of our students. The screening includes completion of an online volunteer registration form and a criminal background check. Volunteer screening can also include interviews by appropriate CMS staff and reference checks.

    We have three kinds of volunteer approvals: supervised, unsupervised without driving and unsupervised with driving. Supervised volunteers will work under the direction and in the presence of CMS staff. Unsupervised volunteers may work with children without CMS staff present. Volunteers approved as “Unsupervised with driving” are allowed to drive children as part of their volunteer activity. Please note that volunteers who drive children must provide proof of insurance and a copy of their driver license to CMS Law Enforcement. 

    Please contact the school at 980-343-5435 for further information and volunteer opportunities.