• Volunteer in a Classroom

    First, be sure you are registered in the CMS volunteer system for our school.

    Contact the teacher for which you wish to volunteer your time.

    After coordinating dates and times with the teacher, sign into the main office upon arrival.

    Volunteer for a Field Trip

    First, be sure you are registered in the CMS volunteer system for our school. 

    Contact your child's home base teacher for specific dates and times of trips.

    Follow the grade level team's communicated volunteer procedures for the specified trip.

    Volunteer to Donate Supplies

    Classroom supplies can be donated to the main office during normal school hours.

    If you are donating to a specific teacher​, please inform the secretaries when you drop items off.

    Volunteer to Proctor Exams

    Make sure you pay attention in the Spring for sign-up opportunities.

    Volunteer to Create a Partnership

    We would love to make a community connection with you and/or your business for one time or ongoing partnership. We have partnered with the following organizations for tours, mentoring, and other support:

    ETS TRiO
    Hilton Center City
    Shriners Mentor Group
    Equitas, Inc
    Enderly Park
    Queens University 
    The Greenspon Center​
    Central Coffee​
    Please contact one of our staff members below to discuss partnering with Piedmont. We look forward to hearing from you. 

    Our Community & Service Chairperson, Maranda Thornburg​

    Our Principal, Jackie Barone 

    Our IB Coordinator, Karen Gorman
    Our Academic Facilitor, David Milligan