Uniform Policy

  • Renaissance West Uniform Policy.pdf- Downloadable File


    Shirts: Navy, Yellow, Gold or White Polo (No emblems/logos; shirt must have a collar). 

    Khaki Bottoms- Shorts, Bermuda shorts, skort, skirts (Length Guidelines), jumpers, capris and pants are acceptable. 

    Leggings are allowed only under a skirt, skort, or jumper. 

    Each scholar in grades PreK-1st Grade is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have 1 additional set of uniforms to leave in the classroom (including underwear and socks) in case of an emergency. If a clothing accident Occurs, parents will be called and the student will remain in class until a change of clothing is provided. 


    No Uniform Required.  
    All Scholars must adhere to CMS and Renaissance West STEAM Academy dress code. 

    • Clothing must not reveal undergarments. No see-through, sheer, crop top, or mesh attire. 
    • Clothing should be modest in fit and size. 
    • Pants must be worn at the waist. Absolutely NO SAGGING of clothing or visible undergarments. 
    • Tank tops must adhere to the “3 finger width rule” (no spaghetti straps). Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh length or knee length.
    • No profane, discriminatory, drug-related, sexual innuendo, gang-related or derogatory words or images on clothing.
    • Shirts and dresses with low cut necklines at the front (showing cleavage) and/or back are not permitted.
    • Off the shoulder, one-shoulder, or sleeveless shirts, dresses, or rompers are not permitted
    • Leggings and yoga pants must be properly covered by another garment (longer shirt, skirt, shorts, or dress).
    • Jean jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters and hoodies are permitted. Hoods and hats cannot be worn inside of the building. 

    Renaissance West STEAM Academy administration has the right to determine if attire is inappropriate for school or any school activity.  Violations of the dress code will result in appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and includes but is not limited to the following: 

    *student changing clothes *parent phone call/conference/home visit  
    *loss of privileges/rewards/school experiences/field trips    *In-School Suspension   

    Renaissance West STEAM Academy UNIFORM GUIDELINES 
    Every elementary (PreK-5th Grade) scholar must be in FULL uniform upon entering the school premises and are not permitted to wear visible non-dress code clothing underneath their school attire. 

    Hats and coats (outerwear) are not to be worn inside of the building. 

    Grooming and Jewelry 
    Renaissance West STEAM Academy recognizes the cultural and personal differences naturally reflected in variations of grooming and jewelry. These can be accommodated in Renaissance West STEAM Academy provided they are not distracting.  

    PreK-5th Grade Outer/Layered Wear 

    All coats, jackets and backpacks should be labeled with the scholar’s first and last name.  
    Hoods and head coverings* are not to be worn inside of the building. 


    Scholars should wear sneakers.  NO crocks, flip-flops, high heels, sandals, light-up shoes are permitted. 


    Each scholar’s attire is both a personal and parental responsibility. Renaissance West STEAM Academy requires school uniforms to be clean without emblems (logos) of any kind. All scholars (PreK-5th grade) will wear the designated school uniform unless otherwise specified by the school administration for special events and activities. Scholars must be in uniform for all school-sponsored activities, whether on- or off-campus, such as field trips, academic competitions, and school-sponsored social and recreational events unless otherwise specified by school administration.  

    *The wearing of a uniform will not prohibit students from wearing attire that is part of their religious practices/beliefs. Families are encouraged to speak to Principal Thompson regarding any/all accommodations.