• LI TD Magnet Lottery Process

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     Learning Immersion (K-2)

    boy reading a bookLearning Immersion is offered to students in kindergarten through grade two. The program is accelerated and focuses on the individual strengths of each student. A strong emphasis is placed on enrichment experiences, mathematics, and literacy.

    Teachers in this program are encouraged to obtain TD (gifted education) licensure. Students gain entry into this program through a random lottery. A test is administered in second grade to identify gifted students.  Identified gifted students are eligible to attend the 3-5 Talent Development program. A continuation 3-5 Learning Immersion program is open only to Irwin's students who do not certify for Talent Development at grade two.


    • Accelerated and Challenging Curriculum 
    • Independent Contracts & Small Group Instruction
    • Compacted Curriculum 
    • Higher Order Problem Solving Based on Bloom's Taxonomy
    • Junior Great Books
    • Paideia Seminars
    • Learning Based on Multiple Intelligence Instruction

    Talent Development (Grades 3-5) 

    Talent Development students in grades three through five are exposed to a full day of rigorous academically challenging instruction. This program provides opportunities for students to achieve their fullest potential. All students in this program must be certified as gifted.  Students gain entry into this program through lottery only. All core teachers in this program without Gifted Education licensure are required to work toward it and become certified Talent Development teachers. Upon completion of the 5th grade, students in this program are guaranteed admittance into the middle school IB program.

     Special Features

    • Interdisciplinary Units of Study
    • Curriculum Compacting/Contracts
    • Hands on Equations 
    • Junior Great Books 
    • Paideia Seminars
    • Problem-Based Learning
    • Project-Based Learning using Multiple Intelligences theory
    • Emphasis on application of Higher Level Thinking
    • William & Mary Curriculum
    • Gifted certified classroom teachers
    • Supported by a Talent Development certified Lead Teacher