• Common Sense School 2021-2023

Technology At School

  • Boy sitting on books working at desktop computer

    1. Students are not allowed to bring "BLUETOOTH" headphones to school. Only direct connected (wired) headphones are allowed
    2. Students may bring USB wireless mice or direct connected (wired) mice.

K-2 iPad Agreement Video

3-5 Chromebook Agreement Video

Student Login Information

  • Z-Scaler Instruction


    How to log into your Google account at Home

    1. You MUST first SHUT DOWN the Chromebook while AT SCHOOL.

    2. Log in to Google as you do at school

    user name: StudentID@student.cms.k12.nc.us

    password: your password

    3. When you enter the first website, you will encounter the filtering process.

    Type in your user name: StudentID@cms.k12.nc.us 

    (notice this does NOT have the word “student” after the @ sign)

    4. Last screen of credentials type in your:

    user name: StudentID@cms.k12.nc.us  

    (notice this does NOT have the word “student” after the @ sign)

    password: YYYYMMDD  

    (notice this is your 8-digit birthdate, not your usual password)

    What's my Log-in?

    All Students have NEW Google Accounts

    Username: student ID number @ student.cms.k12.nc.us
    (Example: 123456@student.cms.k12.nc.us)
    Password: cms####  (Year that they graduate)
    **Please note that students in grades 3-5 have personalized Passwords**