About Westerly Hills Academy



    Westerly Hills Academy is a 21st Century learning environment with 30+ classrooms that each have grade level tutor rooms for small group instruction.  Our building includes a beautiful new Media Center equipped for research, instruction, television production and desktop publishing. 

    All pre-kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms and the Media Center are outfitted with Smart boards, Senteo Student Response Systems, Airliners,and three computer workstations. 

    The mission of CMS is to maximize academic achievement by every student in every school. ​​​

    Westerly Hills Academy is a diverse population of students with a family approach to educating students by ensuring parents are partners. Students are encourage to be leaders. "As a Westerly Hills Academy Scholar, I will collaborate, create, and communicate to become a leader today for a better tomorrow."

    All students can learn, achieve, and succeed
    ● Academic success is birthed from a strong relationship between staff and parents
    ● Teachers must recognize and accommodate the various learning styles of our students
    ● A safe school is one where staff ensures that the learning environment is safe and orderly
    ● Students must be active participants in the learning environment
    ● Cultural diversity increases student understanding of different people

    Outcomes of Focus

    Bases upon analysis of data and Self Evaluation, our focus will be upon the following outcomes:

    Increase student achievement in Reading

    Increase student achievement in Math

    Increase Parent Involvement and participation