School Improvement Plan (SIP)

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School Improvement Team (SIT)

  • Members of the School Improvement Team (SIT) are directly involved in the development and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan, and as appropriate, some of the day-to-day operations of the school.

    The School Improvement Team:

    • Facilitates the development of the School Improvement Plan.
    • Uses data as the driving force to create programmatic instructional change.
    • Monitors, assesses, and amends the School Improvement Plan, as needed.

    Advances policies and procedures that enhance achievement and meet educational, safety and parent involvement goals.

    • Facilitates communication within the Professional Learning Community.
    • Builds the capacity of the school to address parent and staff concerns.

    School Improvement Team Members

    Committee Position Name Email Address  
    ​​Team Member Hastie Hovey, Principal  
    ​Team Member ​Kimberly Scott, AP  
    ​Team Member ​Melanie Kirschner, Kindergarten ​  
    Team Member Doua Chi Moua, PreK  
    Team Member Stephanie Rickaby, Counselor  
    Team Member Judith Amaya, Family Advocate  


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