• DANCE at Northwest and you’ll learn what it means to become a classical or contemporary artist, be prepared to enter a rigorous college program or any of a wide range of careers in the field of dance. 

    You’ll work with professionally credentialed and acclaimed dance instructors who use methods designed to develop and refine your skills. At Northwest, all dance programs are intensive and performance-based, with special coaching programs designed for both men and women.  

    In addition to daily instruction from NWSA teaching staff, students work with visiting choreographers and guest teachers and enjoy performance opportunities to showcase their talents. 

    Express yourself through dance at NWSA 

    • Ballet 
    • Ballet en pointe 
    • Jazz 
    • Modern 
    • Tap 
    • Dance for stage 

    Visit the Dance Department website to stay up-to-date with all things DANCE at NWSA!

Dance Teachers

  • Amelia Binford

  • Chandra Glover, NBCT CTE

  • Kaitlyn Whitaker