About Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual School

  • School Profile 2023 - 2024

    About Our School

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual School (CMVS) is a 5 – 12 Magnet School where students take their courses entirely online with the support of highly qualified, fully licensed teachers. Our coursework is rigorous, and students are required to complete work in each class every day. CMVS provides students the flexibility to work independently and even at an accelerated pace. We offer a course catalog of diverse and engaging offerings including Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and courses offered through North Carolina Virtual Public School and North Carolina School of Science and Math. Additionally, CMVS students are eligible to participate in athletics and performing arts at their assigned home school.

    The Student Body Demographics and Future Plans

    The current student population is: 51% African-American; 22% Hispanic; 18% White; 4% Asian; 5% multi-racial or other. Out of the Class of 2023, approximately 53% of the students were academically eligible to attend a 4 year public North Carolina college and/or university.

    The Faculty and Staff

    The faculty at CMVS consists of 57 certified staff members, including our principal, two assistant principals, two academic facilitators, five school counselors, a school psychologist, two school social workers and various academic teachers. Among our faculty, 74% hold advanced degrees and 10 staff members hold National Board certification. With regard to teaching experience, 12% have five or less years teaching experience, 19% have six to ten years teaching experience and 69% have eleven or more years teaching experience.


    Charlotte Mecklenburg Virtual School recognizes the wide range of talents and needs that come with a diverse student body and offers programs that allow each student to pursue their interests and maximize their potential.

    Graduation Requirements

    To receive a high school diploma, students must meet requirements as prescribed by the NC Department of Public Instruction and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Specific requirements may be accessed through the CMS website: www.cmsk12.org

    Academic Information

    Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed on a 4.0 scale as follows:

    • Quality points are assigned per semester of coursework on the basis of A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1, and F-0.
    • One-half extra quality point is added for each Honors course passed
    • One extra quality point is added for each Advanced Placement (AP) course passed