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  • Excellence without Exception

    CMS leads the way, charting a pathway of endless possibilities, for students and employees,
    through a connected ecosystem of families, community and organizations, both public and private.
  • Crystal Hill

    Welcome to our CMS Good News Hub!

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is made up of amazing students, educators and staff, and I am always thrilled to talk about the wonderful things happening in our district. The goal of this hub is to share uplifting stories that showcase the remarkable achievements and positive contributions across our school communities and district. As you read these stories, you will see we have much to be proud of at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. 

    Our students excel in academics, the arts, and athletics, exhibiting leadership and earning scholarships for their next steps in education. Our employees are continuously recognized for making a real difference in our students’ lives. And the value our community and partners bring to our efforts cannot be overstated. Our families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in Charlotte Mecklenburg are invested in the success of our public school system. 

    These stories … our stories, are “Excellence without Exception” in action.

Pillars of Excellence