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Seniors - CFNC The Next NC Scholarship


Be on the lookout for a recording next week of the event, featuring a

line-by-line walk through of the new FAFSA.

Up Next: The Next NC Scholarship

The Next NC Scholarship is a financial aid program that helps most North Carolinians from households making $80,000 or less pursue a higher education, by fully covering tuition and fees at any community college in the state or more than half of, if not all, tuition and fees to attend any public university in North Carolina.


Students attending a North Carolina community college will receive at least $3,000 - more than the cost of full-time tuition. Those attending a public university will receive a minimum of $5,000, which pays for more than half, if not all, of tuition and fees.


Applying is simple. Students will just need to submit the FAFSA form when it opens in December, and if they're eligible, they will receive the Next NC Scholarship. There are no additional forms to fill out! 


Soon, we’ll share a toolkit that includes graphics, flyers and language to share this offering with your students, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from us. In the meantime, check out the Next NC Scholarship website:



FAFSA Day 2024

Saturday, January 27, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Institutions across the state are welcoming high school students/families, current college students and adult learners for one-on-one or small group help with FAFSA submission.  


Before FAFSA Day is here, make sure your students have a plan to participate, and that they have set up their (FSA ID) account ahead of the event!


CFNC will provide a toolkit of creative assets, flyers and language to advertise your local FAFSA Day – so stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.