• Parents, Guardians, and Community Stakeholders,
    Thank you so much for being our a part of our school improvement process and sharing your feedback! Please follow the steps below to review our plan. 
    1. Click here to access indistar website
    2. Enter the guest login information (Username: guestS16744 Password: guestS16744)
    3. Click on Reports/Wiseways/Indicators &Rubrics tab
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select comprehensive report under reports 
    5. Read our school improvement plan
    6. Click here to leave us your feedback

    To view our School Improvement Plan, please log on to https://www.indistar.org/
    Username: GuestS16744
    Password:  GuestS16744


    Building Leaders and Staff Members,

    We are thrilled to announce the release of Digital Inclusion Institute Online Learning ModulesThis website is equipped with a plethora of video tutorials for all things digital learning. In an effort to impact more parents and guardians, we have a copy of each video in both English and Spanish. Our goal is to empower parents and give them the opportunity to learn more about technology, hardware, software and the platforms that are utilized in your schools. Our hope is by empowering parents, guardians and caretakers we can provide a deeper understanding and connection to the school, the ability to help students navigate technology at home, more opportunities for workforce development, and lastly, but most importantly, the ability to upward mobility. The website can be found at bit.ly/digitalinclusioninstitute 


    Learning Modules Include: 

    • PC Navigation 
      • Logging On to a PC 
      • Basic Navigation 
      • Connecting to WiFI 
    • Chromebook Navigation 
      • Basic Navigation
      • Chromebook Security Settings 
    • Email 
      • Introduction to Email 
      • Navigating Email 
      • Composing Emails 
    • Virtual Meetings 
      • Teams
      • Google Meet 
      • Zoom 
    • Navigating Canvas
      • Downloading the Canvas Application 
      •  Accessing the Parent Code
      • Parent Signing into Canvas
      • Navigating Canvas 
    • Navigating PowerSchool 
      • Creating a PowerSchool Account 
      • Downloading the PowerSchool App
      • Navigating the PowerSchool Parent Portal