• Background 

    North Carolina is home to a large population of active duty, guard, reserve, and veteran armed service members, and the state’s public schools reflect that. In 2019, The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction launched the Purple Star Award Designation initiative to recognize the state’s strong military presence and its support for military families. The Purple Star designation is awarded to schools that demonstrate military-friendly practices and a commitment to military students and families.

    • There are over 2,000,000 military members in NC, with 40% being parents/ guardians.
    • CMS = Approximately 2,379 Military-Connected Students 


    • To bring awareness of military-connected students 
    • The link between the school, military families, the community, and district liaison 
    • Help implement programs and practices to support military-connected students and families. 

    Military Impact

    CMS Enrollment = Over 148,000 students 

    • CMS Military Connected-Students = Over 2,379 (.016%)
    • RRHS = 42 (.003%)

    Major Military Installations 

    • Fort Jackson, Fort Liberty & Pope AAF 

    There are currently NO Purple Star Schools in CMS. 

    • If approved, Rocky River High would be the first. 


    • Adaptable
    • Resilient
    • Global Knowledge
    • Flexible
    • Adventurous
    • Diversity
    • Tolerance & Respect
    • Value in Education
    • Team Players


    • Deployments
    • Loss/Grief
    • Transition (Schools, Friends, TDY)
    • Increased stress levels for families
    • Wounded Warriors (Physical, TBI, PTSD)
    • Distance from the military community limits access to resources. 
    • Separation from military service (ETS, Medical, Retirement)

    The RRHS Purple Star designation as posted on the U.S. Army JROTC website @ Fort Knox, KY 

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