Principal Rivas' 30 Day Plan

  • First 30 Days:

    1. Assessment and Observation:
       - Meet with key staff members, teachers, and administrators to understand the current school culture, strengths, and challenges.
       - Conduct classroom observations to gain insights into teaching styles, student engagement, and overall classroom dynamics.
    2. Building Relationships:
       - Schedule one-on-one meetings with each staff member to establish rapport and understand individual perspectives.
       - Host a coffee chat to introduce myself to the school community
    3. Review Policies and Procedures:
       - Thoroughly review existing school policies and procedures to gain an understanding of the governance structure.
       - Identify any immediate issues or areas that may require attention or adjustment.
    4. Data Analysis:
       - Analyze student performance data, attendance records, and other relevant metrics to identify trends and areas for improvement.
       - Engage with the data management team to understand data collection and reporting processes.
    5. Stakeholder Engagement:
       - Schedule meetings with parent groups, community leaders, and local education officials to establish positive relationships and understand community expectations.