Principal Rivas' 60 Day Plan

  • Next 30 Days (Days 31-60):
    1. Strategic Planning:
       - Collaborate with the leadership team to develop short-term and long-term strategic goals for the school.
       - Communicate the vision and mission of the school to staff and involve them in the planning process.
    2. Instructional Leadership:
       - Implement strategies to support and enhance teaching and learning practices.
       - Provide targeted professional development opportunities based on the needs identified during the initial assessment.
    3. Communication Enhancement:
       - Enhance communication channels between administration, staff, students, and parents.
       - Implement regular newsletters, updates, or forums to keep stakeholders informed about school initiatives and achievements.
    4. Address Immediate Challenges:
       - Prioritize and address any immediate challenges or concerns identified during the initial assessment phase.
       - Implement changes to policies or procedures as needed, with clear communication to the staff.
    5. Professional Development Plan:
       - Develop a comprehensive professional development plan that aligns with the school's goals and addresses the needs of both teachers and staff.