Principal Rivas' 90 Day Plan

  • Final 30 Days (Days 61-90):
    1. Monitor Progress:
       - Implement a system for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of progress toward established goals.
       - Regularly review and adjust strategies based on feedback and outcomes.
    2. Team Building and Leadership Development:
       - Foster a positive and collaborative work environment through team-building activities and recognition programs.
       - Identify emerging leaders and create opportunities for professional growth.
    3. Parent and Community Involvement:
       - Expand and strengthen relationships with parents and the local community through regular meetings, events, and partnerships.
       - Establish a parent advisory committee to ensure diverse perspectives are considered in decision-making.
    4. Sustainability Planning:
       - Develop plans for sustaining positive changes and improvements made during the first 90 days.
       - Ensure that key initiatives are integrated into the school's long-term planning.
    5. Reflect and Plan Ahead:
       - Reflect on the experiences and outcomes of the first 90 days.
       - Develop a plan for ongoing professional development and continuous improvement.