Medications at School

  • If a student should need medication while at school that can not be given at home, a medication authorization form will need to be filled out by you and your doctor then returned to the school nurse with the medication.  A student may carry and take medication that is not a controlled substance while at school if the additional authorization to self-medicate is completed.  All medication forms can be found under the forms tab, please note there are disease specific,as well as, general forms. Contact the school nurse if you need assistance with choosing the correct form.  A new form is required for each school year. 

School Health Services

    • Management of chronic illness, especially those that effect daily living, behavior and quality of life.
    • Acute illness while at school.
    • Infectious/communicable disease and outbreak management including but not limited to parasitic infestation, fungal, viral and bacterial infections.
    • Immunization management.
    • Blood borne pathogen exposures and bites. 
    • Excessive absences due to chronic illness.
    • Behavioral and mental health issues. 
    • Lack of healthcare services/resources to meet basic needs.
    • Vision screening and follow up.
    • Dental issues and follow up.
    • Medication management and invasive procedures in the school. 
    • Referral to healthcare practitioners, dentist, specialist doctors, dietitians, and behavioral health specialists.
    • Assistance with 504 plan development, review and implementation.
    • Home visits for further family/student education concerning chronic illness or medical conditions. 


  • Contact:
    Phone #:980-343-3840

Health-Related Forms & Documents