About Nations Ford Elementary

  • front of the school

    Nations Ford Elementary School is a traditional elementary school located in a richly diverse neighborhood in southwest Charlotte, NC.  Our newly redesigned state of the art facility opened in the fall of 2016. Nations Ford Elementary has a rich history of continued focus on preparing our children to secure their future. Our school has students in grades Pre-Kindergarten thru Fifth Grade. Our current demographics are 77% Hispanic and Latino, 22% African-American, and 1% other races. 

    The staff of Nations Ford is rated "Highly Qualified." This rigorous federal designation ensures that teachers at Nations Ford Elementary have been trained and prepared to meet and exceed the unique learning needs of all of our children. While our curriculum is driven by the Common Core State Standards, it is our belief and commitment that we must exceed these standards. We are driven by the firm belief that our children must be globally competitive, college and career ready, and technologically proficient with 21st century skills.