Physical Education

  • Philosophy:

    The Physical Education program at Providence High School is designed to provide a positive learning experience for everyone. The focus will be placed on physical fitness, skill development in various individual and team sports and most importantly, active participation while having a safe and orderly environment. Physical education provides a number of important benefits that improve one's overall physical and mental health as well as teaches sportsmanship, cooperation and team play. To enhance the effectiveness of our Physical Education program, all students must follow a few simple guidelines.

    Health Prospectus Course Objectives:

    • Students will accept responsibility for their own health (mental, emotional, physical, and social) and determine individual control over health risks
    • Students will understand the relationship between health and quality of life
    • Students will develop an awareness of their own control over stress and be able to cope with losses and respond to others with empathy
    • Students will understand that a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the best means of avoiding problems involving sex
    • Students will develop skills and strategies for remaining or becoming abstinent from sexual intercourse and be aware of health-related problems stemming from relationships
    • Students will be able to analyze and assess their own eating habits and exercise regime
    • Students will understand the effects of substance abuse on themselves and others


    **All students meet with their designated counselor to review and discuss course requests.

Meet the Health & Physical Education Department:

  • Coach Boney

  • Coach Dudney

  • Coach Giddings

  • Coach Hignight

  • Coach Jeremy Johnson

  • Coach Justin Strain

  • Coach Steven Touranjoe

  • Coach Weslee Ward