Community Service

  • Community service gives students lifelong lessons in empathy, hard work and cultural awareness. This experience teaches students that they can have a positive effect on their community and, eventually, the world by identifying problems and then solving them. With these aims in mind, Williams Montessori requires all students to perform community service each year. By making this commitment to the community a regular part of their lives, it is our hope that students will continue this endeavor into adulthood.

    Community Service is Required for all Students

    +Middle school students are required to complete 36 hours per year, with 9 hours being completed each quarter, so that the experience is consistent.

    +High school students must complete 50 hours per year (12.5 hours per quarter). Graduating students will have 272 total service hours.

    Suggested Projects

     Projects may include but are not limited to the following:

    + Volunteering at houses of worship

    + Volunteering at local nursing homes

    + Gardening at community gardens

    + Roadside cleanup

    + Work around the school (open houses, serving as a school ambassador, etc.)

    + Recycling center

    + Donate blood

    + Help injured, disabled or elderly neighbors with chores

    + Tutor students at school or other community centers

    + Serve food at local shelters

    + Work for election campaigns

    + Student-organized activities to raise money for charity