About Our School

  • We are a forward-thinking school, aiming to prepare our students not only for post-secondary education, but for all of life, by equipping them with a compassionate global perspective and a deep understanding of the core values of commitment, community, initiative, compassion and responsibility. This type of holistic education is one that guides our students on the path to becoming confident and capable humans, able to adapt to anything life presents.
    We provide students with a holistic education, which engages them in vigorous academic work, both independent as well as cooperative, challenges them to work with grace and courtesy in community, and to practice self-evaluation as a way to reflect on academic as well as personal growth.

    Our Goals

    • Commitment: We ask and expect commitment to each of the following learning areas: academic, field study, service, relationships and community building.
    • Community: We strive to shape, foster, and nurture relationships that build a community.
    • Initiative: We respect the willingness and motivation to meet difficult challenges with a positive outlook.
    • Compassion: We strive to act with grace and courtesy in order to show compassion and respect for all living things throughout our daily lives.
    • Responsibility: We strive to be a community that holds each other accountable for being responsible to ourselves, others, our work and our environment.