About Our School

  • School building

    Davidson K-8 teachers are dedicated to providing a child-centered learning environment. Students are taught according to their individual learning levels, with curriculum differentiation used in every classroom, in grades K through 8. Teachers are provided with ongoing professional development opportunities, and use experiential learning to help keep students engaged. Teachers also provide character education, fostering a positive learning environment. 

    Davidson K-8 has a long tradition of community and parent involvement. The school views effective student learning as a partnership between parents and teachers. This idea of a parent-teacher partnership is prominent in many facets of DK8 – including curriculum communication efforts, homework and test preparation, and extracurricular activities at the school. In addition, parents and teachers volunteer for the school’s School Leadership Team (SLT), which creates and monitors a School Improvement Plan each year. DK8 also has a very active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Hundreds of PTO members volunteer their time and donate resources to support the school. 

    Located within walking distance of downtown Davidson and Davidson College, Davidson K-8 benefits greatly from its location.  Davidson K-8 partners with the local town and college to provide a wide range of academic and cultural enrichment opportunities for our students.

    Beyond its classrooms, Davidson K-8’s physical infrastructure includes:

    • Gym / auditorium
    • Music room
    • Art room
    • Library Media Center
    • Playgrounds, fields, track, soccer field and a basketball court

    Davidson K-8’s technological infrastructure includes:

    • Classroom computers and promethean boards
    • Closed circuit television for students’ morning-news-crew broadcasts
    • Universal classroom connectivity to the internet
    • One-to-one student devices (K-2 - iPads, 3-8 - Chromebooks)