Communities In Schools


    Communities in Schools (CIS) is the nation's largest and most effective drop-out prevention network, helping young people to stay in school, graduate, and prepare for life.  At Albemarle Road Middle School CIS works with teachers, staff, and the community to provide support for the school in the areas of attendance, academics, behavior, health enrichment, and parental/community involvement.  By forming partnerships with human service agencies, businesses, civic groups, faith communities, and individual volunteers, CIS connects children and families to the resources and relationships they need to be successful in school and beyond.  
    Listed below is a brief summary of some of the services CIS will provide.

    • Incentive programs (daily monitoring of attendance, grades, behavior and growth)  
    • Academic enrichment workshops (leadership development, soft skills, testing taking skills, goal exploration)  
    • Kids 2 High School (high school transition, early college exploration, college tours, and career exploration)  
    • Community Service Projects (providing opportunities for students to be active community members   
    • Experiential learning activities (personal growth and development, self advocacy, goal setting, and cultural enrichment)   

    The Educational Career Coach at Albemarle Road Middle School is Rachel Parsons. If you need assistance or for more information, please contact Ms. Parsons at 980-343-6420 or email her at

    The Youth Development Coordinator at Albemarle Road Middle School is Tiffany Rivers.  If you need assistance or more information please contact Ms. Rivers at 980-343-6420 or email