• Hornet

    Albemarle Road Middle School

    Dress Code Policy

    A school dress policy helps us create the safest possible environment for our students. Please help us by ensuring that your child is adhering to the dress code.


    Each student’s clothing must fit properly, not excessively tight or loose fitting.


    Top Wear: Students are expected to wear shirts that fit properly (not exceed one size above/below the correct size), and may not be modified in any way (i.e. - no rips, holes, removed sleeves, cropped bottoms, etc.).

    • Shirts must touch the waistband of bottoms
    • No half shirts
    • No see through or holey tops
    • No A-Shirts
    • No spaghetti straps
    • Undergarments may not be visible through tops


    Bottom Wear: Students are expected to wear pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris. Bottom wear must be worn at the waistline.

    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must not exceed 6 inches above the knee
    • No sagging
    • No biker shorts
    • No pajamas
    • Undergarments may not be visible through bottoms.


    Footwear: Students are expected to wear shoes that are secured to heels.

    • No slides
    • No flip flops
    • No bedroom shoes


     Unacceptable Attire:

    • No hats, durags, bandanas, hair rollers, sunglasses
    • Blankets, life-sized flags
    • Abusive, suggestive or profane language
    • Symbols of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
    • Any words, symbols or slogans that disrupt the learning environment may not be worn on clothing or jewelry


    The administration reserves the right to prohibit a particular item of clothing or accessory if it is not specifically covered by this policy but is deemed to cause sufficient concerns regarding the appropriateness for school. Violations of the dress code policy will require immediate parent contact and request for a change of clothes. If unsuccessful, we will provide a standard uniform loaner for the day and follow the dress code violation consequences.


    • 1st offense = Verbal Warning & parent contact
    • 2nd offense =  Verbal Warning & parent contact
    • 3rd offense = In-School Suspension
    • 4th offense and subsequent = One (1) day out of school suspension