Cell Phones and Electronics

  • In accordance with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Student Code of Conduct, personal technology devices, including cell phones must remain off and put away during school hours. Violations will result in confiscation of the personal technology device. The district is not responsible (monetary value or replacement) for theft, loss or damage to personal technology or other electronic devices brought onto CMS property.


    Student cell phones/earbuds or other personal electronic devices cannot be used during the instructional day (9:15AM-4:15PM). If a student brings a phone or earbuds to Randolph, the phone/earbuds should be turned off and placed in a backpack or purse. Cell phones and/or earbuds should not be visible in students’ hands/ears or clothing. All phones and earbuds should be powered off and out of sight. If there is an emergency, parents should call the school at (980) 343-6700.


    • 1st Offense: Verbal warning only if student puts the phone away

    • 2nd Offense: Confiscation of the phone for the block with phone call home; phone returned to student

    • 3rd Offense: Confiscation of the phone for the rest of the day; phone returned to student

    • 4th Offense: Confiscation of phone and it spends five days in office; phone returned to student. Parents can pick up the phone in the office at any time. 

    • 5th+ Offense: Confiscation of the phone and taken to the office. Phone will not be released to the student and must be picked up from the office by a parent. 

    Note: Failure to turn over a phone after a violation will result in ISS or OSS depending on the number of prior violations.