About Us


    Welcome to Ballantyne Elementary School!

    Ballantyne Elementary School (BES) is located in the “heart” of a neighborhood in South Charlotte.  BES is the largest elementary school in the district, educating over 950 students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our school is amazingly diverse, representing twenty-seven countries and speaking twenty-five different languages. We believe ALL students are leaders of their learning, leaders of their behavior, and leaders in our school and community. 

    Ballantyne Elementary and CMS are committed to Excellence Without Exception.  At BES, we ensure academic excellence for all students.  We recruit, hire, and retain the best teachers and staff.  Team BES grows in our practices each year through continuous professional development to accelerate learning for all students. BES ensures the safety and well-being of all students and staff by creating safe and engaging environments for students to learn each and every day.  BES believes that parents are partners.  By working together, we ensure the best elementary school experience. 

              Our Mission

    At BES, we intentionally live the 7 Habits, lead through teamwork and communication, and build long lasting

    and positive relationships with colleagues, students, and families. 

           Our Vision

    We lead through teamwork and communication to build long lasting and positive relationships. 

    We are a community of empowered leaders and learners, growing together to reach our highest potential!