• Registrar's Office at Rea Farms
    The school registrar manages the "paperwork" involved with entering or leaving a school and maintaining academic records.  Please call the school to schedule an appointment or email our registrar so we can set aside time to answer your questions.

    Mary Keifer, Registrar/Data Manager
    School phone 980-343-0723      fax 980-343-0725(fax)
    School email     p304@cms.k12.nc.us

    Change of Address
    When your family moves to a different address, please let us know as soon as possible.  CMS requires a completed address change form and two proof of residency documents. Click The Link to know more!

    If you are having difficulty obtaining proof of residency documents, talk to our registrar or call CMS Student Placement (980-343-5335) to speak with a specialist about your individual situation.

    You may scan/email documents to the school registrar or bring them to the school office during regular school hours.

    Enroll -- Current School Year
    Welcome to the neighborhood! CMS requires all students to enroll at the home school for their physical address.  (If you need help determining the home school, please call us.) Complete the CMS enrollment packet:

    Enrollment packet checklist:

    • completed enrollment form.
    • two proof of residency documents for a Mecklenburg County address.
    • a copy of the child's birth certificate or passport.
    • a copy of the current immunization record.
    • NC Health Assessment form.

    You may email the documents to the registrar or make an appointment to deliver them to the school.  Additional documents, such as prior school records or documentation of special services, may be required before a student begins classes. When all documents are available, a new student can usually start classes the next school day. Getting school bus transportation may take up to a week. 

    Coming from outside the United States?  Please visit the CMS International Center. https://www.cmsk12.org/Page/811

    Magnet Lottery
    Magnet seats at Rea Farms are awarded by lottery for the next academic year. The lottery usually takes place in winter and the results are sent to families in February-March. Students who win magnet seats are assigned to Rea Farms.  Students who do not win magnet seats are placed on a wait list.  There is a separate wait list for each grade level.  If a magnet seat becomes available (i.e., a magnet student declines the spot), we will call a student from the wait list. About ten days after a school year begins, the magnet office dissolves the wait list.  For more details about CMS magnet schools and the lottery, please visit cmschoice.org.

    Request Records/Transcripts
    Submit a written request for a current student's transcript/records to the registrar well in advance of the date needed.  It may take a week or more to fulfill a records request during peak times.

    • Drop off transcript request and teacher recommendation forms in the registrar's office.
    • Email electronic requests to mary1.keifer@cms.k12.nc.us.

    Legal offices may submit records requests directly to: CMS Student Records, 4335 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217 or email studentrecords@cms.k12.nc.us.

    Update Phone Numbers, Email Addresses
    Please email your child's teacher and the school office if your primary phone number and/or email address changes.  Keeping contact information up to date means that the school can reach you in an emergency.

    Withdraw from Rea Farms
    We are sorry to see you go!  Please notify your child's teacher and the school in writing at least a few days before your child's last day in class.  Stop by the front office to fill out and sign a withdraw form.  You will need to provide the following information:

    • Student's legal name and ID number.
    • Date of last day attending classes at Rea Farms.
    • Reason for leaving (e.g., moving, going to charter/private school, etc.).
    • Name and address of the next school the student will attend.
    • Your forwarding address and phone number.

    During the school year, the student and staff need a couple of days to gather final grades, turn in equipment, return books, etc.  During summer, or if it is not possible to stop by the office, please email the above information to the registrar.