School Improvement Plan

  •  To access our 2022-2023 School Improvement Plan, visit and use GuestS16735 as the username and password. Guest Access will allow you, our valued stakeholders to review the School Improvement Plan, School Improvement Team members, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes. It will also highlight our Vision, Values, Mission, and Indicators, which are the areas of focus we will use this year to continue to enhance our school's performance. 

    Approved School Improvement Plan (pdf file)

    Our School Improvement Team will meet at 7:45 a.m. on the following dates, via Zoom: Meeting ID: 969 7336 2821 Passcode: ces 

    • September 8
    • October 27
    • December 8
    • January 26
    • February 23
    • March 30
    • April 27
    • May 25

    School Improvement Team Members:

    Team Member Association Phone Email
    Molly East-Recorder Multi-Classroom Teacher Leader- 9/8/22 980-343-3905
    Meghan Stamper Parent- 9/8/22
    Elizabeth Brammer Assistant Principal 980-343-3905
    Jennifer Cunningham School Counselor- 9/8/22   980-343-3905
    Ginger Fitch-Chairperson Multi-Classroom Teacher Leader 9/8/22   980-343-3905
    Anitra Freeman Teacher-3/25/21 980-343-3905
    Jazmin Guzman Teacher Assistant 3/25/21 980-343-3905
    Melissa Hart Parent-3/25/21
    Jessica Holbrook Principal 980-343-3905
    Ashlei Holton Parent-9/8/2022
    David Judge Parent-3/25/21
    Amanda Knipp Parent-9/8/2022
    Charu Kumarhia Parent-3/25/21
    Ashley Moore-Process Manager Multi-Classroom Teacher Leader- 9/8/22 980-343-3905
    Camerin Watson Parent-3/25/21

School Improvement Team

  • Members of the School Improvement Team (SIT) are directly involved in the development and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan, and as appropriate, some of the day-to-day operations of the school.

    The School Improvement Team:

    Facilitates the development of the School Improvement Plan.

    Uses data as the driving force to create programmatic instructional change.

    Monitors assesses, and amends the School Improvement Plan, as needed.

    Advances policies and procedures that enhance achievement and meet educational, safety and parent involvement goals.

    Facilitates communication within the Professional Learning Community.

    Builds the capacity of the school to address parent and staff concerns.

    (Team Members/Positions included on School Improvement Plan)

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