Paint The Rock

    Spirit rock is a fun way to show our Parkside family that you are thinking of them. Many individuals use the spirit rock as a way to send special shout-outs to students and staff. We have had many families shout birthdays, performance kudos, and staff/student appreciation. 

    Please read all options and rules below before making your reservation.

    We have 2 options for you to take advantage of this fun and memorable activity.

    Option 1. Self paint - If you choose this option, your payment only includes rental of the rock. You are required to paint the rock and no assistance or supplies will be provided.

    ​Option 2. Rock rental and painting services - If you choose this option, your payment will include rental of the rock and the painting of the rock. If you select this option, someone from our team will be in contact with you to coordinate the design and text that you would like for the rock. We do ask for 2 weeks advanced notice so that we can secure an artist to complete the design.

    We will try to accommodate all request, however, any notice given after 2 weeks cannot be guaranteed. Someone from our team will follow-up with you to let you know if we are able to approve the request. If unable to approve, you will still have the option to maintain the rental and paint the rock yourself.


    Self paint pricing
    Rock 1- Front of School $10 per day 
    Rock 2 Side A-Faces Parking Lot $7 per day 
    Rock 2 Side B- Faces Bus Lot $7 per day 
    Rock 1 and Rock 2 Side A $14 per day 

    Custom Spirit Rock Painting Service $95
    This fee is assessed by the artist and covers 3 day rock rental, painting, and design.  


    1) Sign up for the day(s) you want the spirit rock to be viewed. You are permitted to sign up for consecutive days to preserve your painting. You may begin decorating the spirit rock at 4:00 PM the day BEFORE you sign up. Similarly, the person who signs up for the next day may begin decorating the rock at 4:00 PM on the last day you have reserved. Therefore, spirit rock reservations run from 4:00 PM the day BEFORE you sign up through 3:59 PM the day of your sign up. 

    ​2) No profane words, symbols, or derogatory/offensive messages are permitted. Parkside PTA reserves the right to remove inappropriate content.

    3) All proceeds collected for the spirit rock will fund Parkside PTA initiatives. PTA members are able to view all budget reports in memberhub.

    4) Payment is due at the time of making the reservation and is 1st come 1st served. PayPal invoices will be sent at the time the request is processed. If not paid within 48 hours of receiving the invoice, the spirit rock reservation will be released and will have to be reserved again for booking if available. An email will be sent out once your payment is received confirming your reservation.

    5) Parkside PTA reserves the right to block off dates for school use.

     6) All payments and reservations are non-refundable for any reason (ie. changed your mind, imcelement weather, etc).

    7) If you choose the self paint option, you are responsible for providing all materials for decorating the spirit rock. You are expected to ensure the area around the spirit rock remains clean, free of trash and debris. You should ensure that paint is not left on the road, curb or grass. You may wish to bring a drop cloth. Also, please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans!

    8) A reminder e-mail will be sent 2 days before your reservation date via sign up genius. Please make sure to note on your personal calendar, the day(s) you have reserved your school’s Spirit Rock. We are not responsible for missed or forgotten reservations.
    9) Cash Payments can be turned into the school office. Be sure to lable your envelope with your name, your student's name and the date you will be painting the rock.

    Wear old clothes!
    Wall paint or spray paint will probably stick to the rock best. It may take 2-4 cans of spray paint to make a base coat. Spray paint may be harder to avoid the grass, but may dry faster than latex paint.
    You are responsible for purchasing and applying all paint.
    What you don’t use this year can be stored for use next year and/or donated to the Parkside PTA.
    Don't forget to respect our school grounds and the environment