School Improvement Plan (SIP)

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School Improvement Team (SIT)


    The School Leadership Team:

    Facilitates the development of the School Improvement Plan.

    Uses data as the driving force to create programmatic instructional change.

    Monitors, assesses, and amends the School Improvement Plan, as needed.

    Advances policies and procedures that enhance achievement and meet educational, safety and parent involvement goals.

    Facilitates communication within the Professional Learning Community.

    Builds the capacity of the school to address parent and staff concerns.


    2023-2024 SIT Members

    Elizabeth Carrubba, Principal

    Ryan Bell, Assistant Principal

    Jennifer Fistilla, Media Coordinator

    Kayla Reiland, Kindergarten Expanded Impact Teacher

    Stefanie Leipzig, Third Grade Teacher

    Lindsey Taylor, Fourth Grade Expanded Impact Teacher

    Karina Menjivar, Fifth Grade Expanded Impact Teacher

    Elizabeth Spinney, Talent Development Teacher

    Deborah Smith, Instructional Assistant

    Al Gunter, Parent

    Tiffany Hopkins, Parent

    Erika Luksa, Parent

    Glenda Mauck, Parent

    Matt McCauley, Parent

    Ose Okogbenin, Parent

    Karina Vogel, Parent


    2023-2024 Scheduled Meetings (7:30-8:30)

    School Improvement Team meetings will be held in the media center.

    Wednesday, August 30th 

    Wednesday, September 27th

    Wednesday, October 25th

    Wednesday, November 29th

    Wednesday, January 31st

    Wednesday, February 28th

    Wednesday, March 27th

    Wednesday, April 24th

    Monday, June 10th



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