Volunteering at SAIL

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    We are very fortunate to have great volunteers to help make South Academy of International Languages the BEST!  We hope you can contribute your time and efforts.  We have many, many opportunities for which to volunteer or contribute.  For example, tutoring, proctoring, classroom helper, chaperone, costume creation, stage set up, visual arts displays, performances, school leadership committee, PTSO, teacher support, fund raising, etc. 

    ALL VOLUNTEERS must be registered and approved on the CMS Volunteer Management System, found at https://www.cmsvolunteers.com/ (opens in a new window).  Volunteers must list SAIL at which to volunteer when registering.  Volunteers must also "RE-ACTIVATE" their status each year by logging in, reviewing their profile data, THEN clicking "submit.

    Please know that paid CMS staff from other CMS schools and visiting instructors must also be registered and approved with SAIL to be on our campus with our students.



    Welcome to SAIL! We certainly appreciate your offer to be a volunteer at our school. After discussing your potential volunteer position and requirements with a staff member, please follow the next few guidelines. We know that you will get the "bug" and visit often! 

    1. All volunteers must be registered on the online CMS Volunteer Management System (VMS) as linked on the www.cmsvolunteers.com (opens in a new window) webpage.
    2. It is a CMS requirement that all visitors and volunteers sign in and sign out at the front office for each visit using our Lobby Guard system.
    3. All visitors and volunteers must wear appropriate name tag while on campus.
    4. Remember that students come from diverse backgrounds. Treat them with respect at all times. Should a problem arise, defer to the responsible staff member. 
    5. Become familiar with the safety procedures for this campus should an emergency occur. 
    6. Please remember to log out in the front office.
    7. Have fun!

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    Volunteering With CMS