• Transportation Changes


    Please note that our transportation email is used to communicate how kids are getting home at the end of the day and general questions about bus numbers and or stops.


    Contact our Main Transportation line if you have any concerns or questions. 980-343-5018


    Send all transportation change request to carbus.sail@cms.k12.nc.us the day of the change prior to 1:00 pm.


    All Transportation​ Changes need to include:

    • Student's legal first and last name

    • Student's teacher/homeroom teacher

    • Bus number (if student will be a bus rider) 

    • Car pool number (if the student will be car pool)

    Note: If the student is a bus rider, do not include the carpool number. If the student is a car rider, do not include the bus number.


    Infrequent changes: To make a change to your child's method of transportation (i.e., bus rider needing to be picked up by car) send the change to carbus.sail@cms.k12.nc.us.  All  transportation requests must be sent in by 1:00pm on the day of the change.


    Routine changes: If you have transportation changes on a routine basis, an email must be sent EVERY time the change occurs. For example, your bus-riding child is a car rider every Friday, so a note must be sent every Friday by 1:00pm.


    Busing changes: For long term changes to bus routes, please refer to CMS Transportation page.​



    Contact carbus.sail@cms.k12.nc.us