About Our School

  • Meeting the needs of every student continues to be the top priority at CHMS.  Community House Middle School students met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals as required by the No Child Left Behind federal legislation.  Our students made growth in all 37 sub-groups.  We are so proud of our students and staff for this accomplishment!  Also, Community House Middle School has been named an Honor School of Excellence with High Growth!  This is the biggest honor awarded by the state of North Carolina.  We are proud that CHMS is a safe and nurturing learning environment where our early adolescent students are challenged daily.  We intend to continue this tradition!

    A quality education includes preparing students for life.  These skills include time management, character development and learning to adapt to daily challenges.  Resiliency can only be accomplished by taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them.

    The transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult due to the level of increased responsibilities expected of students.  The transition can also be difficult due to the increased amount of life challenges for this age group.  We expect our parents and teachers to work as a team to support the growth of each child.  Although it is hard to allow mistakes and failures to occur, rescuing students does not give them the resiliency they must learn to be successful.

    There is something for everyone in Cavalier Country.  Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in all aspects of our school community.  Please find details regarding volunteer opportunities on the PTO website.


    • High student achievement is the main priority of the school.
    • An effective school will have high expectations for all members of the school community
    • Teachers have a responsibility to challenge all students and to ensure that they believe in their own abilities
    • A strong, positive, collaborative school culture is necessary for high student achievement
    • Successful schools ensure that all interactions with students are positive and that all students are valued and treated equitably
    • Equitable and equal are not synonymous
    • Students learn best in student-centered classrooms
    • Teachers at CHMS are responsible for the learning of all students at CHMS
    • Developing, implementing and analyzing common assessments is crucial in ensuring consistent learning
    • Rigorous academics, interdisciplinary instruction, integration of the arts, incorporation of technology and a program for character development are essentials for a sound, basic education.
    • Beginning with the end in mind is the key to ensuring high levels of learning