CHMS Registrar's Office

  • School Registration, Course Enrollment, Student Records

    We look forward to welcoming you to CHMS! We are so excited you will be joining us as a Cavalier! 

    Summer Registration Office Hours:

    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Please print all CMS Enrollment Documentation and bring all paperwork to the school during the registration office hours. Please Do Not Email Documents.

Enrollment Information for Students New to CMS 

  • Moving within CMS

  • Moving outside of CMS

  • 6th Grade Registration Information

  • 7th Grade Registration Information

  • 8th Grade Registration Information

Contact Us

  • Kaya Filiz
    Registrar & Data Manager
    980-343-0689 (phone)
    980-343-0691 (fax)

  • Schools Requesting Student Records

    Please submit all student record requests via email or fax to Kaya Filiz (see contact info above).

    *** Important to Note: Parents that are requesting school records for school application must follow the instructions from the admissions office of the school to which they are applying. Schools receiving student records have specific methods in which they accept official student records.