• It is with excitement that the Arts team is implementing a great opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to choose a more in depth line of study in the Arts. We are offering MAJORS and MINORS this year as a part of the Arts coursework. Much like middle school electives, this opportunity allows students more class time in a selected area of study, in depth course work, opportunity to create and perform within a specific subject, and options to learn about other Arts related topics not yet studied.

    What is a Major?

    The Major is an area of study that the student feels confident in and is very interested in learning. This class will be their main focus for the entire school year. The students will receive instruction in their Major class twice a week--one 90 minute session and one 45 minute session.

    As a part of the performance schedule, each Major will have the opportunity to perform or present their work at least once during the school year. Drama, Dance, and Music Majors will perform in the spring musical and various other opportunities. Band and Orchestra will perform in a separate concert in the Spring . Additionally, Visual Art Majors will have the opportunity to help with the costumes and stage design for the musical as well as showcase their art work in an art gallery walk.

    Classes offered: Music/Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, Visual Art, Drama

    What is a Minor?

    Minors are a subject area that the student is interested in learning more about or wants to continue their learning from a previous year. This class will be once a week for 45 minutes. The Minor classes will switch at the end of 2nd quarter to allow students a variety of learning experiences.