• University Park is a full magnet offering the Visual and Performing Arts program. The school was named a Magnet School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America in 2008.

    UPCA 3 Ideals

    Collaboration amongst staff, parents, students, and the community is at the forefront of all we do.

    Through the building of relationships, knowing and understanding our students, we individualize student instruction to motivate and grow our students.

    To provide students with the most innovative strategies and practices, UPCA staff seeks out and uses the most current research-based strategies and best practices, including arts infused instruction.

     Our students can and will learn to their fullest potential.

    Every child can realize success when encouraged, challenged and when high expectations are communicated.

    Our students learn best when actively engaged in authentic tasks.

    Student diversity and talents will be identified, valued, nurtured, and celebrated.

    Our students will have effective teachers and receive a high quality education.

    The arts positively impact every area of the curriculum.
    "Through the arts and academics, students will be inspired to become creative problem solvers, productive citizens, and life-long learners."