CMS LaunchPad ClassLink app icon

    CMS staff and students will start using the CMS LaunchPad ClassLink to access CMS resources. This allows students and staff to securely access all their classroom applications such as Google Drive, Canvas, and Sora through their CMS email address and password. 

    During the first weeks of school, all students will receive help from their teachers with the CMS LaunchPad ClassLink login process. Homeroom teachers and school technology staff will provide assistance with first-time logins, password resets, multi-factor authentication (with an image or pin #), PowerSchool, Canvas courses, and more. Once the initial login steps are completed at the school, students will easily be able to access CMS LaunchPad ClassLink anywhere from any device. We will share login and password information with families after we set it up for your students. 

    To log into the CMS LaunchPad:

    Click here to login and access CMS LaunchPad ClassLink  

    screenshot of CMS LaunchPad login screen


    Support your child's learning at home! Parents may go to this CMS LaunchPad informational course to learn more. 

    CMS LaunchPad ClassLink can be customized:

    • Add your favorite apps to the favorites bar at the bottom.
    • Add your own apps and websites from the Application Libraries.
    • Create your own folders to organize your apps.
    • My Files delivers access to your Google Drive in one location

    screenshot of screen inside CMS LaunchPad ClassLink