• For in-person testing, students will need to be provided transportation to our campus at 7030 Nations Ford Road Charlotte, NC 28217

    If you are not able to provide transportation, you can use the following express stops for our school:

    Express Stop 


    Zip Code 

    AM Time

    Bus # 

    PM Time 

    Bus #

    Julius L. Chambers High

    7600 IMB Drive


    Time: 6:15 AM 

    Bus# B1866

    Time: 2:52 PM

    Bus# B1866

    Cochrane Collegiate Academy

    6200 Starhaven Dr


    Time: 6:04 AM 

    Bus# G1664

    Time: 3:03 PM

    Bus# G1664

    Garinger High

    1100 Eastway Dr


    Time: 6:13 AM

    Bus# G1664

    Time: 2:53 PM

    Bus# 1664

    Harding University High

    2001 Alleghany St


    Time: 6:29 AM 

    Bus# 673

    Time: 2:41

    Bus# 673

    Independence High School

    1967 Partriot Drive


    Time: 5:57 AM

    Bus# E951

    Time: 3:06 Pm

    Bus# B1799

    Mallard Creek High

    3825 Johnston Oehler Rd.   


    Time: 6:02 AM

    Bus#  B1866

    Time: 3:05

    Bus# B1866

    Myers Park High

    2400 Colony Rd






    Olympic High

    4301 Sandy Porter Road


    Time: 6:30 AM

    Bus# B1108

    Time: 2:39 PM

    Bus#  B1523

    Shadowood Apartments

    1719 Eastcrest Dr


    Time: 6:22 AM 

    Bus# G1664

    Time: 2:42: PM

    Bus# G1664

    Sharon Lakes Retail Plaza

    7631 Sharon Lakes Rd


    Time: 6:33 

    Bus# B1643

    Time: 2:33

    Bus# B1065

    South Academy of Languages

    8300 Nations Ford Rd


    Time: 6:39 AM

    Bus# B1643

    Time: 2:27

    Bus# B1065

    South Mecklenburg High

    8900 Park Road


    Time: 6:25

    Bus# B1643

    Time: 2:41

    Bus# B1065

    West Charlotte High

    2219 Senior Drive


    Time: 6:10 AM 

    Bus# B673

    Time: 2:58

    Bus# B673

    West Mecklenburg High

    7400 Tuckaseegee Road


    Time: 6:04 AM

    Bus #: B1108

    Time:3:04 PM

    Bus # B1523



    Parent Drop-off/Pick Up Instructions

          Parents are encouraged to enter the parking lot with Express Stop signage and follow the designated traffic pattern.

          Parents are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled bus pick-up/drop-off time.

    ●   Buses will depart at the scheduled pick-up time.

    Student Drop-off/Pick Up Instructions

          Students are encouraged to get out of vehicles and wait in the designated waiting area.

          Students should know their bus number and the school they attend. There will be a sign in the second window of the bus with the school name.

          If the student is unsure of the bus, they should ask the bus driver what school they are servicing.

          Campus security personnel will be on site at most CMS locations.


    Quick Safety Tips for Parents and Students:

    Each parent and student have a role in the safe and efficient operation of a school's transportation system.

    We encourage you to review the quick safety tips as you utilize transportation this school year.

    • Cooperate with the school authorities and district personnel during pick-up and drop-off to ensure safe travel of all students.
    • Exercise safety and slow down as you travel through the parking lot.
    • Please obey all traffic rules around the campus to help in mitigating congestion.
    • Students are encouraged to use good behavior, obey all traffic rules, signs and signals.