School Improvement Plan

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School Leadership Team

  • Members of the School Leadership Team (SLT) are directly involved in the development and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan, and as appropriate, some of the day-to-day operations of the school.

    Facilitates the development of the School Improvement Plan.
    Uses data as the driving force to create programmatic instructional change.
    Monitors, assesses, and amends the School Improvement Plan, as needed.
    Advances policies and procedures that enhance achievement and meet educational, safety and parent involvement goals.
    Facilitates communication within the Professional Learning Community.
    Builds the capacity of the school to address parent and staff concerns.

    SLT Members

    Darryl Conner Principal

    Jennifer Bonack Administrator

    Sallie Davis Administrator

    Loreanne Harris Administrator

    Jasmine Walters Administrator

    Lora Caudill Teacher

    Rob Johnson Teacher

    Amy O’Hair-Smith Teacher Assistant

    Jamie Pope Teacher Assistant

    Anton Currie Parent

    Dave DiCicco Parent

    Omar Harris Parent

    Sharon Huot Parent

    Finese Newton Parent

    Auguste Olson Parent

    Nikki Prakash Parent

    Bennett Thompson Parent

    Heather Weeks Parent


2023-2024 Meeting Dates


    September 19th at 4:30

    October 17th at 4:30

    November 21st at 4:30

    January 16th at 4:30

    February 20th at 4:30

    March 19th at 4:30

    April 16th at 4:30

    May 21st at 4:30

    June 6th at 4:30 **Pending unofficial EOG scores**

    All meetings are held via Microsoft Teams.  Email for the link.