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NC Pre-K and Bright Beginnings Registration Open!

Future Enrollment - Bright Beginnings - NC Pre K program
Today, families can begin to future enroll in CMS for the 2024-2025 school year. Families can access the online form on the CMS website at this address:
For the Bright Beginnings - NC Pre K Program application, please use this link:
Please read below for additional details regarding the Bright Beginnings and NC Pre K Programs
Bright Beginnings Program - Bright Beginnings Pre-K serves 3,240 eligible four-year-old students in 57 Charlotte Mecklenburg elementary schools. Eligibility for participation in the Bright Beginnings program is determined through a screening process. Children who demonstrate the greatest need are placed first. The placement process continues until all spaces are filled.

North Carolina Pre-K Program - NC Pre-K serves an additional 1,482 children in 29 high-quality, community-based childcare centers. Eligibility for NC Pre-K is based on family size, gross income, and other qualifying indicators.