Our school is founded on the pillars of fostering potential in all our students.

    We provide rigorous academics while fostering positive social/emotional and interpersonal skills to cultivate the greatest future leaders of our world as possible


    As our mission statement simply states: 

    Learn, Love, and Lead. 


    Book Club


    Your un-magnetized neighborhood school features:

    • Talent Development and Gifted instruction K-5
    • Vast array of club and extracurricular activities 
    • K-2 Nurturing Program to all students developing gifted and advanced skills


    Chess Club


    What sets us apart from a Magnet or themed Charter school?

    Honor Society

    Not only does our data lead our reputation for distinction among local magnet and charter schools, but we don’t confine students into a specific theme determined by a specific program. By allowing students to explore their interests and have inclusive exposure to gifted instruction, curriculum, and resources, students are able to cultivate their potential while still exploring who they are and what they like. Whether it’s the arts, music, robotics, STEAM, advanced reading or math, or acceleration of skills, our students are encouraged to explore and follow their passions without the constraints of a “program” other schools advertise but may not execute with excellence.