Field Studies

  • General Overview

    Students at Williams understand that overnight field experiences are unique requirements to Williams Montessori and serve to fulfill Maria Montessori's vision of learning beyond the classroom. Williams students are expected to participate in preparation activities as well as actual events, which often extend beyond the regular school day, into evenings and weekends.

    Middle School Field Studies​

    An important aspect of the middle school curriculum involves the practical application of academic knowledge and skills. Opportunities to “learn it and live it” include involvement in activities outside of the classroom to support Montessori’s philosophy that adolescents must participate in commerce, engage with an authentic audience and can best assess their skill development. Through real-life experiences, our program offers a variety of field study opportunities, including:
    • Fall Camp
    • 8th Grade Leadership Experience at Fort Caswell
    • GIS Day
    • Leadership Day (ropes course)
    • Rock Climbing
    • Statistics at the Knights Game

    High School Intersession Courses

    In addition to traditional academic studies, each Williams high-schooler must participate in eight two-week intensive field study courses. Each “intersession” course includes vigorous academic requirements paired with hands-on learning experiences, often including travel and/or community service. Each grade level has one required intersession in the fall and one elective intersession in the spring.
    Students receive 0.5 credits for each intersession, and passing all eight is required in order to receive a diploma. Spring intersessions vary by year and are offered based on student choice as well as instructor preference.

    Fall Intersession Themes

    Please refer to the High School Intersession Overview document for details about each fall intersession and a list of past spring intersessions.