• Department of Mathematics

    Mathematics courses at AK are rigorous, engaging, and relevant to providing a college and career ready graduate.  It is our goal that all students reach proficiency in all required math courses.  Additional support and resources are provided for all courses.  Students have the opportunity for after school tutoring, enrichment, and relearning.  

    Math Requirements for Graduation

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    Four Mathematics credits which shall be either:
    1. NC Math 1
    2. NC Math 2
    3. NC Math 3
    4. Any fourth mathematics course (typically Math IV).

    Math Core Courses Offered at AK

    • Foundations of Math I
    • Foundations of Math II
    • Foundations of Math III
    • Math I [Standard, Honors]
    • Math II [Standard, Honors]
    • Math III [Standard, Honors]
    • Math IV [Standard, Honors]

    Math Elective Courses Offered at AK

    • Statistics [AP]
    • PreCalculus [Honors]
    • Calculus AB [AP]
    • Calculus BC [AP]

    NC State Tested Math Course(s)

    Math I & Math III are state tested courses.  At the end of the year, all students enrolled in Math I & Math III will take the Math I & Math III End of Course final exams.  All final exams count as a percentage of the overall course grade for students.  To have a successful final course grade, students must also do well on final exams.  At AK, over 58% of our Math I students are grade level proficient.  Over 88% of our Math III students are grade level proficient.  The Instructional Leadership Team has goals and resources this school year to provide students in Math I & III with additional support.  Support methods include individualized learning goals for students, online digital resources, interventions, and more.


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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jennifer Thomas

Math Department Chair



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Dale Adair

Math Department Administrator

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