• Department of Social Studies

    The Social Studies department at Ardrey Kell is the integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities, including history, culture, geography, and political science. We offer core classes, electives and ten AP courses to fit the needs and interests of our students.  As a department, we seek to motivate, inspire and lead our scholars in historical inquiry, debate, and critical thinking to prepare them for post-secondary life, experiences, and jobs.  

    Social Studies courses at AK are rigorous, engaging, and relevant to providing a college and career ready graduate.  It is our goal that all students reach proficiency in all required social studies courses.  Additional support and resources are provided for all courses.  Students have the opportunity for after school tutoring, enrichment, and acceleration.  

    Social Studies Requirements for Graduation

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    Four Social Studies credits which shall be:
    1. Founding Principles of the United States of America and North Carolina:  Civic Literacy
    2. Economics and Personal Finance
    3. American History
    4. World History

    Social Studies Core Courses Offered at AK

    • World History [Standard, Honors, AP]
    • American History [Standard, Honors, AP]
    • Civics Literacy [Standard, Honors]
    • Economics & Personal Finance [Standard, Honors]

    Social Studies Elective Courses Offered at AK

    • Seminar [AP]
    • Psychology [AP]
    • Microeconomics [AP]
    • Macroeconomics [AP]
    • Human Geography [AP]
    • Comparative Government [AP]
    • Sociology [Standard]
    • US Government [AP]
    • Research [AP]
    • African American History [Honors]
    • Latin American History [Honors]
    • Leadership [Standard]

    NC State Tested Social Studies Course(s)

    NC does not have a state exam for any of our social studies courses.  All exams are teacher made or designed by College Board if an AP course.  


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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Anna Leigh Marquez

Social Studies Department Chair



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Ms. Kelly Holden

Social Studies Department Administrator

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