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    The World Language Department currently consists of 12 enthusiastic teachers—10 Spanish, 1 French and 1 German.  We are always hoping to add additional languages to our department!  All of us love what we do and try hard to instill the value of knowing and speaking another language in today's world.

    World Language courses at AK are rigorous, engaging, and relevant to providing a college and career ready graduate.  It is our goal that all students reach proficiency in all required social studies courses.  Additional support and resources are provided for all courses.  Students have the opportunity for after school tutoring, enrichment, and acceleration.  

    World Language Requirements for Graduation

    NCDPI Website

    Two Elective credits of any combination from either:
    1. Career and Technical Education (CTE) or
    2. Arts Education or
    3. World Language

    Note: For clarification, possible elective combinations may include 2 World Language credits; or 1 CTE credit and 1 Arts Education credit; or 2 CTE credits; or 1 Arts Education credit and 1 World Language credit; or other combinations from a, b and c.   

    Most 4 year universities look for 2 levels of the same language on a student's transcript in order to be considered for certain programs or even for admission.

    World Language Courses Offered at AK

    • Spanish 1 [Standard]  
    • Spanish 2 [Standard]  
    • Spanish 3 [Honors]  
    • Spanish 4 [Honors]  
    • Spanish 5 [AP]
    • Spanish 6 [AP]
    • French 1 [Standard]  
    • French 2 [Standard]  
    • French 3 [Honors]
    • French 4 [Honors]
    • French Language & Culture [AP] 
    • German 1 [Standard]  
    • German 2 [Standard]  
    • German 3 [Honors]  

    NC State Tested World Language Course(s)

    Though NC does not have a state exam for World Language courses, Levels 1 and 2 take the STAMP test at the end of the year to measure acquired proficiency.  All levels will soon be required to take this proficiency-based test.  This test counts 50% of the student's 4th quarter grade.


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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cheryl Murray

World Languages Department Chair



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sarah Ferdon

World Language Department Administrator

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