• Student Dress Code

    Any students found in violation of any of these rules will be asked to call a parent and sent to ISS until proper clothing is brought to them. In some cases, students may also receive some form of consequence for their attire.


    • Students cannot wear sexually explicit items and items that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, obscene messages and inappropriate gestures.

    • No Pajamas or bedroom attire of any sort: tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.


    Head Gear

    • No sunglasses, hats, bonnets, or toboggans worn inside the building.

    • No ski masks, no bandanas, no costumes or masks are allowed inside/outside of the school building. 



    • Tops must cover chest, stomach, and 3” of shoulders.

    • Shirts must be worn under jackets



    • Skirts, dresses, shorts (running and athletic) must hang past fingertip length (stand relaxed with hands by side).  

    • Must wear leggings under jeans with holes above fingertip length and larger than 5 inches.

    • Pants and shorts must cover the rear.