• CPEC Student Dress Code

    Student Dress/Attire

    The dress and grooming of students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual and promote an orderly educational environment.

    In accordance with the CMS Student Handbook, the following dress

    code has been established for CPECHS

    1. Students may not wear head wraps, doo-rags bandanas, or other headgear, including sunglasses. Religious headgear is acceptable.

    2. Acceptable shoes include flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, and boots. Bedroom slippers are not permitted.

    3. Tank tops must have the width of two adjacent fingers in the front and back. (Racerbacks are not acceptable ) Shirts, tank tops, blouses, etc. must cover the stomach and fall at the waist. No midriffs, even when arms are raised.

    4. Sleepwear (pajamas) are not permitted; this also applies to half days.

    5. Clothing that has profane, offensive, derogatory, or other illegal substance terms will not be permitted.

    6. The minimum length of skirts, dresses, and shorts is mid-thigh.

    7. Removing a sweater or jacket "cover-up" during the school day at any time is not appropriate, if and when the remaining clothing violates the dress code.

    8. Leggings/tights/ jeggings or any similar clothing materials are only permitted with a top that reaches the thigh.

    9. Pants, skirts, shorts, etc. should be worn at or above the waist with no undergarments visible.

    10. Pants may not be worn with holes that expose the thigh area. Leggings or other opaque material must be worn underneath. Fishnets or other translucent material will not be acceptable to cover holes.

    11. Spaghetti straps or bare shoulders should be displayed with off- shoulder shiils.

    12. Sheer blouses are not permitted without an appropriate top underneath.

    13. Deep-cut shirts/blouses, extreme V-necks, etc. are not permitted without a tank top or camis underneath.
    14. Halter tops, strapless shirts/dresses cannot be worn, unless they are worn with a non-transparent covering (cardigan, blazer, jacket, etc.) or they are worn underneath (I-shirts, etc.) the clothing item.

    15. Knit tops or translucent coverings over any strapless clothing or any item of clothing that violates the school dress code are not appropriate.

    16. Undergarment-related clothing ("wife-beaters") is not permitted.

    Any students found in violation of any of these rules will be asked to call a parent and sent to the office until proper clothing is brought for them. In some cases, students may also receive some form of consequence for their attire.