• Our students follow the NCDPI Curriculum and we teach everything from English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science to Spanish, Theater, Art and Music. We strive to give students a strong foundation and the opportunity to discover a wide range of subjects. It is the perfect time for students to make new friends and to settle into school life. It is also a time for developing effective learning and study habits. Each student is assessed soon after we welcome them to NWSA to insure we tailor an academic program that challenges, develops, and nurtures their individual needs. Opportunities abound to explore, strengthen, and cultivate numerous interests and peer relationships. We encourage students to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

High School Support Team

  • Andrew Lawler, HS Assistant Principal

  • Angelia Brawley Grant, Dean of Students

  • Angela Brown, Counselor

  • Vicki Brunnick, Counselor